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Mergers & Acquisitions for Dummies

Mergers & Acquisitions for Dummies
This updated second edition is the go-to resource for business owners and investors seeking practical guidance and real-world advice on navigating successful M&A transactions. With a focus on providing useful techniques and comprehensive insights, this book goes beyond mere case studies to cover international laws and regulations, environmental considerations, and actionable instructions that can be readily applied.

Written in clear and accessible language, Mergers & Acquisitions For Dummies takes readers through the entire M&A process, describes different types of transactions, demonstrates various ways to structure a deal, defines methods to identify and contact targets, provides insights on how to finance transactions, reveals what helps and hurts a company’s valuation, offers negotiating tips, explains how to perform due diligence, analyzes the purchase agreement, and discloses methods to help ensure the combined companies are successfully integrated.

Whether you are a transactions pro, a service provider tangentially involved in transactions, or a student thinking of becoming an investment banker, this book will provide the insights and knowledge that will help you become successful. Business owners and executives will also find this book helpful, not only when they want to buy or sell a company, but if they want to learn more about what improves a company’s value. The evaluation process used by M&A professionals to transact a business sale is often quite different from the processes used by owners and executives to manage those businesses.

With over 30 years of experience, Bill Snow is a sought-after authority in the field of M&A and can discuss topics such as:
  • How Covid has affected inventory - “just-in-time” is now “just-in-case”
  • Entering the M&A zone: Why selling a company is often easier than buying a company
  • The real reasons M&A deals do not close
  • Beyond the numbers: What factors really drive a company’s valuation
  • So you want to buy a company? Tips on how to contact business owners
  • How the skills at the poker table can improve your deal negotiation skills
  • Comprehending how the M&A process can help a business owner create value
  • Why adjusted EBITDA has become a “Frankenstein’s Monster” in the deal world
  • How to determine if a competitor might be a viable acquirer…Without letting them know your company is for sale
  • What helps and what hurts a company’s valuation?
  • Lessons from pop culture: 11 seemingly disparate non-business references from movies and music
  • Stop asking, start offering: The secret to opening doors
  • How quality of earnings reports can enhance value

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