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MundoCrypto’s Metaverse Event to Break Previous Guinness World Record as Largest VR Event in the World

MundoCrypto, the leading cryptocurrency training academy across Spanish-speaking countries, is proud to host the biggest in-person virtual reality (VR) event in the world while launching their own Metaverse. The event will take place on August 27th, 2022, at the WiZink Center in Madrid, where 7,500 guests will make history together as they attempt to break a world record in the VR category while also creating a new world record category involving the Metaverse.

The current Guinness World Record for "the most people using virtual reality displays simultaneously" stands at 1,867. It was achieved by Mobileye at the 2017 YPO EDGE Event, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on March 3, 2017. The video viewed by the participants placed them inside a virtual car, highlighting Mobileye's cutting-edge technology in advanced collision avoidance systems. Mobileye was founded in Israel in 1999, went public in 2004 and was acquired by Intel for $15.3 billion in August of 2017.

To validate MundoCrypto’s attempt to set a new world record in this category while also adding the element of the Metaverse (which didn’t exist back in 2017), the Guinness Book of World Records is sending 15 representatives to attest the exact number of attendees wearing MundoCrypto’s branded VR
headset. The guest's mobile phones will be inserted into the VR headset, which will contain ear plugs for a fully-immersive experience.

Produced by MundoCrypto’s founder & CEO, Mani Thawani, and co-hosted by Cristina Pedroche and Jorge Fernández, the event will start at 17:00 CET on Saturday afternoon, August 27th and last until midnight. The entire seven-hour event will be streamed to 100+ countries in both English and Spanish.

This revolutionary event will feature:
● Keynote speakers such as Daniel Lacalle (economist and investment manager), Benny Lee
(Global Manager of Experiential Design at Coca-Cola, Pilar Troncoso (co-founder and VP at
OARO), Juan Ramón Rallo (economist), Pablo Gil (economist and trader), among others
● Brock Pierce, Chairman of Bitcoin Foundation, will address the guests virtually and provide his opinion about the Metaverse
● Maikel Delacalle’s artistic live performance
● Julius Dein’s magic show
● Comedy sketches performed by well-known Spanish actors Pablo Chiapella and Macarena Gómez from the series “La que se Avecina” and many other surprises

During this event, MundoCrypto will present its Metaverse as the new training space for the Web3 community while introducing the Learn-to-Earn and Proof-of-Community models as their two new pillars of the project. The fundamental objective of the event is to lead Web3 education and offer the latest news and trends in the sector alongside leading brands and leaders from multiple industries. With the premise of mass adoption, MundoCrypto plans to bring the world of Web3 closer to everyone interested, democratize access to education and promote financial freedom.

My team and I are proud to have played an important role in the mass adoption of crypto over the past three years through our online educational courses. It is now time for us to bring the crypto community to a special place in our hearts, Madrid, for a unique physical experience in the Metaverse, and why not break a world record at the same time,” said Mani Thawani, founder & CEO of MundoCrypto. Attendees will be able to enjoy a unique experience in the gaming area where they are setting up a photocall, NFT room, high-level training room, presentations by leading players, as well as the opportunity to participate live in the making of a new record for the Guinness Book of World Record. Needless to say, it will also be a unique opportunity to network with investors, professionals and entrepreneurs from the cryptocurrency world.
Tickets to attend this unique event can be reserved on MundoCrypto’s website for a refundable fee of €50 (less €3 for processing). Once guests physically check-ins at the event on August 27, they will be placed in a queue to have their registration fee refunded within five days by WiZink’s ticketing system.

About MundoCrypto:
MundoCrypto was born in 2019 to democratize access to education and financial freedom offered by the
cryptocurrency ecosystem. Over 55,000 people have already benefited from the online crypto training courses produced by MundoCrypto for the Spanish-speaking population. The European Central Bank (ECB) estimates that 8 million Spaniards (12% of Spain) currently own crypto assets. This places Spain as the second biggest economy in the Eurozone, behind the Netherlands (14%) when it comes to investments in crypto assets. MundoCrypto is proud to be a major catalyst in the mass adoption of crypto by providing interested citizens with the necessary education and resources to make the best-informed

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