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The Place to Crowd 2023

By Financement Participatif France

On February 14, 2023, almost 400 players of European crowdfunding ecosystem met at the Centquatre in Paris, for The Place to Crowd, organized by Financement Participatif France, under the sponsorship of Mr. Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, Finance and industrial and digital Sovereignty.

9:45-10:20- Opening session

  • Florence de Maupeou, Executive director, Financement Participatif France
  • Damien Guermonprez, President, Financement Participatif France

10:30-11:20 - European harmonisation of the regulation: what we should expect ?
The European Crowdfunding Service Provider enter into force in November 2021. The European platforms have until the 10th of November 2023 to obtain the new license. Why this regulation is relevant for the capital market union ? Will it galvanize the sector or enable just the strongest ones to survive? Is it the first step to more possibilities to the crowdfunding players ?

  • Charlie Perreau, Les Echos (moderator)
  • Oliver Gadja, EUROCROWD
  • Diego Valiante, European Commission
  • Francesca Fiamma, ESMA

11:30-12:20- Crowdfunding and renewable energies in the time of the European market
Energy independence: tomorrow, all financiers, all producers ?

  • Christophe Connille, Youth in Finance (moderator)
  • Coenraad de Vries, Startgreen & Oneplanetcrowd
  • Laure Verhaeghe, Lendosphere
  • Markus Schwaninger, ecoligo

12:20-12:40 - Keynote (French speaking)
  • Nelly Garnier, Conseillère régionale d’Île-de-France, Déléguée spéciale à la Smart region

14:00-14:50 - Real estate: how crowdfunding is an answer to the sector expectations ?
In lots of European countries, crowdfunding of real estate project represents the engine of the sector. Why such a success ? How crowdfunding is useful of real estate developers ?

  • Hugues Bouchetemble, Kramer Levin (moderator)
  • Patrick Hartmann, Exporo
  • Daniil Aal, Estate Guru
  • Andrea Gentilini, Walliance

15:00-15:50 - European regulation: opportunity or constraint ?
How does the crowdfunding sector see this new regulation? Does it create new opportunities and business or a change of direction of existing platforms?

  • Gaétan Pierret, L’AGEFI (moderator)
  • Matthieu Lucchesi, Gide
  • Alessandro Portolano, Chiomenti
  • Andrea Milecova, Czech & Slovakia Crowdfunding Association

16:00-16:50 - Crowdfunding in the age of sustainability
Investment and financing logics are no longer determined only by a return perspective examined in the light of the risk incurred. Added to this is a cross-cutting dimension, sustainability, which in many ways disrupts the usual and old mechanisms for allocating money. This observation leads to many reflections: – What are the expectations of the funding communities towards the crowdfunding platforms in terms of sustainability? – ESG, impact measure… how does crowdfunding fit into this dynamic? – How to implement sustainability into the governance, internal control and management within crowdfunding platforms?

  • Bertrand Desportes, Mazars (moderator)
  • Eva Sadoun, Lita
  • Rotem Shneor, UIA
  • Karim W. Oumoussa, Seedrs

17:00-17:50 - Crowdfunding, which innovations tomorrow ?
What will the market look like in 5 years ? What will be the major innovations we have to expect ? Are blockchain & cryptos the future of crowdfunding ?
  • Reid Feldman, Kramer Levin (moderator)
  • Damien Guermonprez, Lemonway
  • Diane de Beaudrap, AngelHub
  • Olivier Fliche, ACPR

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